Suggested projects

A great thing about collage is that you can make an art piece about any subject material you want. If you're looking for some ideas on subject material, try one of the following:

  1. Pick an object or subject you like. Shoes? Cars? Trains, birds, cats, cakes, valentines, flowers, books? Make a collage using only those elements as cutouts.
  2. Pick another object you like. Make a collage using many of those elements as cutouts, but one additional, different element.
  3. Pick two different subjects and make a collage mixing both together.
  4. Think of a simple story, something you've read before, and illustrate the story or a scene in it.
  5. Find a picture of a person, and tell a story with him or her.
  6. Make a small collage with exactly four cutouts.
  7. Buy an assortment of used postage stamps (these can be pretty cheap). Make a collage with only stamps.
  8. Pick one magazine and use only that magazine as a source for cutouts.
  9. Find a picture of a room. Decorate the room with collage cutouts.


Challenge yourself

These are just some suggested projects to get you started. Try out your own ideas.